A Must Wear Inverted Bob Long Hairstyles 2019

A Must Wear Inverted Bob Long Hairstyles 2019

Inverted bob long haircuts, also called the lob, is beautiful hairstyles that gives you the freedom to style the hair while keeping much of the hair volume and dimension. Inverted bob long hairstyle is therefore ideal for women who don’t want to chop off their hair.

Are you planning to change your looks and rock an inverted bob? We got you covered, with this beautiful collection of long inverted bob haircuts.

  1. Elongated Layers with Lots Volume at the Top.

This is without a doubt one of lady’s most preferred inverted bob long haircut. The hairstyle incorporates elongate layers throughout the hair from the front to the back.

 The layers are then flipped forward to get a flirty bounce, and some volume is incorporated at the top to come up with a full-bodied look. It is pretty straightforward, feminine style that you can wear to your office, night party or anywhere you want to go.

  1. Blunt Straight Bob.

Beautiful hairstyle doesn’t have to have a lot of texture for it to turn heads. This polished yet straightforward style begins with blunt lob below the nape. The stylist then uses a straightener in this medium length hair to get slicked straight bob that is refined as well.

  1. Bedhead Curls.

As the name suggests, this hairstyle looks as if you just came out of bed.  The bedhead curls are natural and pretty hot. Remember to match the strands with edgy and sexy ensembles.

  1. Red Hot Lob.

Sexy. Fierce. Chic. These are just some few words we can use to describe this beautiful red hot bob. Apart from the alluring colour, this is one of the most beautiful inverted bob long hairstyles for women with round face shape.

Maintain the bangs extra-long. This gives an impression of a long face. This eliminates the excess look of roundness and finishes this look in a lovely way.

  1. Casual Ombre and Choppy Layers.

This is yet another beautiful and cute inverted bob haircut you can try as long as layered bob is concerned.

A special and casual ombre shading technique gives the hair a bold and stylish look, with romantic red-brown and dark brown contrast. The strands are trimmed with lots of layers of varying lengths and shapes to complete the look with a full body.

  1. Platinum Blonde.

Open up your face and let all the talking be done by your eyes. Simply style your elongated bangs entirely to the side and hold them with a clip at the back, so the bangs don’t fall to the front of your face. Go for platinum hair for a wild and bright finish.

A Must Wear Inverted Bob Long Hairstyles 2019

Framing your face is a great way to let your facial features show off your beauty. It also helps only expose those beautiful areas which you want people to see and conceal those regions you are not comfortable with.